Company History

1996 - Foundation

The American Dream is known as an internationally successful organization, when you refer to GreenCard and Visa Consulting.
A well known business enterprise today, initially started with a study project of the bank Geschäftsführung The American Dreammerchant Holger Zimmermann and the law student Marcus Sieber in 1996. Resulting from several stays in the USA, they both knew about the annual green card lottery which was established in 1994 and enabled lots of law offices to offer comprehensive services regarding the lottery.
In Germany and Europe however this GreenCard drawing was unknown to a large extent. The two friends started to analyze the interest in the lottery and the services involved by handing out flyer at the "Freie Universität Berlin".
The feedback was extraordinarily amazing, so that they were able to pass in several hundreds of applications and congratulate a few dozens of winners among their customers.

1997 - Growth

It became obvious, that the project would turn into a major business company.
A German GmbH (a closed corporation) was founded and a call center was instructed to offer a 24/7 customer service, which answered hundreds of calls a day in 1997.
Although a homepage regarding the topic already existed, the applications had to be handed in in written form since the U.S. government requested the transmittal of every single application by post. Growth The  American DreamTherefore employees of The American Dream had to fly to New York, where an office in the Empire State building took care of international customers. They transported about 50,000 separately labelled letters, which had to be sent to the National Visa Center from a location within the U.S.A.
Every customer received a written and individual certificate confirming the receipt of the application by the USPS. This procedure was changed in 2003 by the U.S. government, which amended their formalities by demanding a digital transfer of the data.

1999 - Increasing Popularity

Due to The American Dream the green card program gained publicity expeditiously in Germany, as well as in Austria and in Switzerland.

Billboards could be seen all over Germany: on advertising columns, at bus stops and on Advertisement green cardbanner ads. By advertising in videotexts of know German TV channels (RTL, Sat1, Pro7, ZDF, ORF, Kabel1) lots of new interested participants were (and are still) convinced to trust in The American Dream. Even a TV-spot was produced in 1999, which was then broadcasted in all popular TV channels. The leading part of the motorcyclist was performed by the famous Bjarne Maedel (known from the TV series "Stromberg").

2000 - Establishment of the Visa- and Immigration Services

Due to the enourmous popularity of the brand name "The American Dream" the demands for additional possibilities regarding long- and short time- stays in the U.S.A. increased apace.
For this purpose a department for consulting and obtaining different U.S. visas was set up in 2000, which first consisted of two employees and meanwhile is accomplished by at least six full-time employees.
Since then The American Dream supported innumerable individuals and businesses, establishing branches and enterprises, dispatching personnel successfully, travelling to the USA and undergoing the green card procedure.
Please have a look at our statistics to get further information about our success in the visa service.

2000 - Governmental Approval as an Emigration- and Consulting Authority

Accordingly we applied for and received the governmental license as an emigration- and consulting- authority in the beginning of the year 2000.

The federal administration in Cologne (Köln) is responsible for these type of licenses in Germany, which are based on §1 of the emigration act (AuswSG). This act requires a governmental approval for consulting Germans who desire to emigrate. Consulting agencies like "Rotes Kreuz" and "Raphaelswerk der Caritas" are allocated the governmental approval automatically.
The American Dream was the first private company which was given the approval after an accurate verification.

To this day there are just a few companies and private persons who had been given that governmental recognition. So far, no other company specialized on green card and visa consulting posseses  such a governmental approval (11/2009).

Guidebook "The American Dream - Immigration Through Green Card or Visa"

From the first day on our motto was: "We work hard for your dreams".
Our loyal costumers profit from our exposed information policy.

In June 2000 our first book, consisting of over 360 pages, was published. It includes a large part of common information about the USA and another part of special visa knowledge. That information is so specific, that almost every customer should be able to apply for a visa on their own.
A book including such a wide range of detailed knowledge of emigration has never been published before. Consequently the book became a bestseller right away and by now the 3rd edition has been sold over 30,000 times.

2001 Burger King

A cooperation was set up in 2001, which increased the publicity of the green card program and "The American Dream" enormously. The American Dream was advertised Burger  King Green Cardnationwide in all Burger King restaurants, online commercials and on all Burger King billboards. Additionally "The American Dream" sent out vouchers of the American restaurant to their customers, which indicated that applications for the green card lottery could be found in all Burger King restaurants. Due to the terroristic assaults of 11th September 2001 and the strict safety arrangements of Germany the cooperation was ended earlier as assumed, but still produced a new record of customers.

2003 - The Green Card Lottery Online

In 2003 the U.S. government passed an amendment of the green card lottery, which caused the greatest change in the history of the company. Instead of requesting a data sheet in written form and the original photos of each family in an especially labelled envelope, the government demanded a digital transfer of the application and photos. The AmericaGreen  Card Lottery Onlinen Dream had to digitize over 100,000 original photos and papers within only two months time. We did master this challenge successfully and gained even more customers who were not familiar with the internet.
While various anonymous online green card agencies opened up, The American Dream could look back on a long history, including satisfied clients and excellent connections to the U.S. authorities.
Instead of sending out a confirmation of submission, we mail out an official and individual print out of the monitor screen of the US state departments in form of an "Electronic Submission Certificate".

200 - New Business Location

Due to the humungous demand of visa services by our business clients new premises were needed in 2006. So we moved into a historical building in Berlin - Kreuzberg. Even though we are offering support via phone or email and are consulting throughout Germany, you are always welcome to make an appointment in our office in Berlin, as well.

2007 - Joint Venture - National Visa Service

In 2007 The American Dream expanded its international business by cooperating temporarily with - and at last taking over the company "National Visa Service" of the US attorney Mark Jacobsen. The "National Visa Service" was the first green card agency worldwide, founded in 1National Visa  Service Green Card996, the same year as The American Dream.  Because an US immigration lawyer owned last mentioned company, it had a well known reputation. Reliability and reputation similar to the esteem of The American Dream were important factors for the take-over. The  "National Visa Service" took care of over 5,000 green card winners and established an active and loyal client base mainly in the USA and in Africa. Therefore The American Dream / The National Visa Service still is the market leader in several African states concerning green card services.

2007 - Public Relations

Since 2008 The American Dream is intensely present at fairs and events regarding the USA, employee assignment to the USA and similar topics.
Public Relations Green CardWe do attend the "Zukunft Personal" in Cologne on a regular basis and participated in a two-day seminar about employee assignment to the USA in 2009 sponsored by the famous host "management circle".
Furthermore we are a member of the American Chamber of Commerce.
Earlier before we did sponsor the greeting of the US ambassador on July, 4th and we have been the main sponsor for the program of 4th July 2009 - the day the opening of the new US embassy has been celebrated at the same time. 

Relaunch of the Website

Website  The American DreamIn 2009 a revision of the entire homepage was designed. Our special concern was a clear arrangement of the topics to enable easy browsing through the website. You will find the most important FAQ´s for each visa category displayed.
You can also use one of over 1,500 website-links dealing with the USA. Additionally you will find the information in 7 other languages on our international domain . Furthermore you have access to our internal blog and the blogs of our costumers, a USA quiz in the style of "Who wants to be a millionaire", travel information, a facebook fan-page and other interesting topics. You can also sign up for our free newsletter (pdf-document or html-email), which is read by more than 65,000 subscribers in Germany every month and can be looked up on our website as well.

Visualization of the Future

Looking back on the history of "The American Dream", which already lasts for 14 years by now, we can proudly say that we went through a lot of different The American Dream Teamexperiences and realized several projects and ideas, alway to our full satisfaction. We never lacked inspiration or demand.
Concerning the future, we will increasingly concentrate on the international cooperation, the constant update of information and content on our website and the usability of the custumer portal concerning the green card lottery. Our team, supported by professional new members, will particularly concentrate on satisfying new private and business customers in the field of visa consulting by offering extraordinary service.

Together with our customers, we are looking forward to new exciting projects, true to our motto: "We work hard for your dreams!"