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Your chances of winning a Green Card with us are high according to the statistics we have been keeping for the Green Card Program over the years. Depending on the year and region, the odds of winning lie between 1:25 and 1:50. This means that almost every 25th participant wins a Green Card. Since 2003, all Green Card applications are required to be sent electronically and the total number of participants since then has decreased significantly. In addition, many applications are disqualified due to formal errors. The American Dream guarantees that your Green Card application will be submitted correctly and on-time.

Take advantage of our staff’s years of experience and expertise and do not risk being disqualified for missing the deadline or making a small mistake. The American Dream will also send you a certificate of participation as proof that the application was submitted. With our experience and high number of customer advantages, we provide you with the best chances of winning a Green Card!

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The Green Card Lottery is held once a year and only one application is allowed per person. If you submit multiple applications to the lottery, you will be automatically disqualified.

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There is one exception: Married couples can double their chances of winning by submitting one individual application each. One application can be submitted for the husband and one for the wife per year. All unmarried children under the age of 21 in the marriage will also be automatically included as winners. So, married couples, double your chance of winning – if your spouse wins, you all win!

Fun Fact: The bottom line is that winning the Green Card lottery is easier than rolling double 6s two times in a row!



  1. There are 18 countries excluded from this year’s lottery. This means that countries meeting the participation requirements for the Green Card lottery are receiving preferential treatment.

  2. On average, about 40% of all Green Card applications are disqualified due to formal errors. That means almost half of all participants miss out on their chance to win in the lottery. Many times, it is due to even the littlest of mistakes! With us, you can be certain that this will not happen. We personally review every individual application for accuracy prior to submitting it to the U.S. authorities for the official Green Card Lottery. 

  3. Even if you win, there are still hurdles you will need to jump: around 100,000 winners are notified, but only about 55,000 winners will receive a Green Card. Many winners are not well-prepared for the application and bureaucratic process and do not receive their Green Cards. The American Dream guarantees participation in the lottery and provides assistance to winners as part of its service to help winners receive their very own Green Card.  

Take a look at the statistics we have collected about winners from around the world. The American Dream keeps you informed on all current statistics and important changes all about the Green Card Lottery!

Do not hesitate to make your dreams of the USA come true and apply to the Green Card Lottery with The American Dream today. Our team of experts have already helped over 19,000 lucky winners get their Green Card! And you could be the next! 

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