Different Countries – And not so Different Insects

13 Jul 2017 Karina S. Henkel

In the US there are a couple of corners where you can find insects and animals that are truly dangerous for humans. Poisonous snakes, alligators, biting and stinging bugs are not rare in the warmer areas of the US. And let’s not talk about other dangers like earthquakes, volcanoes, and cyclones. Over the centuries, people have found their ways to live with such life- threatening inconveniences, but they remain  dangerous.

I am so lucky to live in Maine. There are no cyclones or life-threatening animals. The dangers here are reduced to snow shoveling in winter and Lyme disease in summer. But let’s not underestimate Lyme or other tic-related diseases.

Tics are also well known in Europe but, honestly, I have never seen so many tics as I do here in Maine. In summer you find huge colonies sitting on grass and bushes, waiting for their next source of nourishment. Everywhere you find these tiny little black dots on plants. I hardly dare to step on any grass because I don’t want to get bitten. Unfortunately almost all of them seem to be the carrier of some kind of disease that can cause severe problems for humans.

I have several friends who got Lyme disease or something else caused by a tic’s bite. Some of these friends had to suffer from the symptoms quite a while until the doctors found the reason for their problems. If tic-related diseases don’t get discovered and treated quickly they can be the reason for lifelong health problems.

Well, the solution is, no matter where you are in the US, don’t forget to use a lot of bug spray whenever you want to enjoy more rural areas. The spray stinks, but in this case it’s worth it. You never know what problems a bug bite can cause.