Go Figure: Prejudices are Stupid

10 Jul 2017 Karina S. Henkel

30 years ago I had a few bad experiences with a certain airline. They were unreliable and chaotic – and these words are, in my opinion, still a very nice way to describe what I thought about them back then. The consequence for me was, of course, that I never booked a flight with them. No matter how cheap their offer was, I did not take it.

For eight years I have been flying back and forth between Europe and the US. But I always refused to go with that specific airline; no matter how cheap they were, based on my 30-year-old memories.

But this month I had no choice. For my visit to Germany in June/July I would have paid at least $500 more if I would have booked with a different airline. But I seriously thought about it. I considered paying a lot of more money just because I didn’t like that airline 30 years ago. When I was considering my choices I noticed that I haven’t heard anything bad about this company for at least 20 years. And then I courageously decided to book my flight with this dreaded airline. I hit the “buy” button on my screen and my anxiety rocketed from that moment on. After I had paid my tickets online I didn’t have a minute when I didn’t worry about my trip. Maybe they would lose my ticket? Maybe their airplane would break? Maybe I would get stuck in Istanbul because they overbooked the planes? I just could not stop worrying.

And then the day of my departure came. And to cut the story short: all my worries were absolutely for nothing. The planes were awesome. They were modern and quite new. The food was great and everything on that trip went as smoothly as one could expect.

I am so relieved, but also shocked that such old prejudices have sometimes caused me to buy tickets that were more expensive than necessary. I love that airline now!