We want to give you the best assistance possible as you follow your path to the USA and every day we give our best to make your American Dream a reality. Until you get lucky in the Green Card Lottery, we want to use this time to mutually share information about the land of unlimited opportunities! Just as endless as America’s wide landscapes are the ways in which you can connect with us:

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The American Dream is as crazy for posts about pretty USA arts and crafts ideas and decorative “American Spirit” inspiration for your living room as for posts about delicious U.S. recipes! We have even tried out some of the recipes ourselves! Yum! Go on your own Pinterest discovery tour!

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20th badge jubilaeum webDid you know that The American Dream is celebrating its 20th birthday this year and is giving away a 20-day dream vacation for two among its Green Card Lottery customers? Participating in this year’s lottery is worth double: Not only are you participating for the chance to win a Green Card to live and work in the USA without boundaries, but you can also win the chance to explore the land of your dreams for 20 days. We have many other sensational campaigns planned for you on our social media platforms.   

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