E-2 Visa "Treaty Investor"

Investor Visa

This visa is for companies or individuals who want to invest capital in the U.S. and is – similar to the E-1 visa – also based on bilateral treaties. Currently, about 60 countries have such treaties with the U.S.

The investor visa is available to nationals of those countries, that have invested in a U.S. company or are about to do so. The investor can be either a person or a company.

Not only multinational corporations or medium-sized enterprises and their employees may qualify for this category, but also self-employed individuals. The company does not need to have an office outside the U.S., the U.S. company, however, must have been already established.

PLEASE NOTE: Since a simplified application process is available for E visa applications, it is advisable to always consider this visa as an alternative to other work visas. Compared to other work visas, the application for this particular one saves a lot of time and money even in the short run, especially if a company frequently needs to send employees to the U.S.

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