H-1 B Visa "Specialty Occupation"

Visa for highly qualified persons

The H-1B visa is a visa for foreign workers from different qualified professions, among them engineers, scientists, computer scientists etc. The H-1B visa is probably the best known temporary work visa. Eligible for this category are persons with an academic degree (or its equivalent). However, strict regulations apply to the issuing of this particular visa category.

The main focus here is on the cap on H-1B visas – only a limited number of them can issued every year. In  many U.S. companies, a large number of foreign workers are H-1B visa holders. Therefore, it is not a big surprise that more and more people are demanding to raise the H-1B visa cap. Large companies like Microsoft or Google continue to point out the lack of qualified workers in the US and the high number of applications that cannot be considered due to the quota.

Therefore, a raising of the H-1B cap is often talked about, but it has not been raised so far.

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