P Visa "Athletes, entertainment groups and their support personnel"

Visa for athletes, artists, and entertainers

For many athletes and artists, their biggest dream is to stand on a stage or play in a stadium in the land of unlimited opportunities. This is, however, not possible without meeting some requirements. The P category is suitable for athletes, artists or entertainers who want to travel and work in the USA either individually or in a group for a limited amount of time.     

It is important to note that all non-U.S. citizens temporarily working in the USA are required to have a U.S. work visa appropriate to their intended stay like, for example, a P-visa.

  • Athletes, artists or entertainers can apply for this visa if they intend to receive payment or prize money for the services they provide in the USA;
  • Or if the applicant is going to take part in a talent or realty show that will be broadcasted on television.
  • The P-visa is divided into distinct categories based on the field of work of the applicant.

work visa for athletesBefore applying for a U.S. visa, it is important to make sure that your skills and intentions match the requirements of the U.S. visa you want to apply for. If your skills fall into this visa category, then there is nothing standing in your way from storming Hollywood or American sports or even the concert halls of New York City. 

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